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May 2020

The Amazing Benefits Of Vinyasa Yoga

‘Ever since I started teaching, Vinyasa Yoga has been at the core of my own classes, and I love seeing people connect with their breath and find that inward focus’

There are many forms of yoga, and each has its own set of benefits. Science has only just begun to recognise the various benefits of yoga on the mind, body, and the spirit.

Vinyasa is a style of yoga where poses are strung together to form one fluid sequence of movement. Vinyasa means to move with the breath. The classes are relatively fast-paced and rhythmical, with a focus on connecting the movements with the rhythm of the breath. Often called flow yoga, Vinyasa focuses on transitions and movements, with less time spent in stationary poses.

As opposed to other styles of yoga, Vinyasa classes do not have a set sequence or a certain amount or type of poses to get through. No two of my classes are ever the same, and often the sequences are creative and playful.

Although Vinyasa is often considered a faster and more physically challenging practice, it can also be soft and gentle. Moving with the breath can also mean slowing down your transitions with deep inhales and slow exhalations.

As we practice “Vinyasas” or “flows”, they help us build greater strength, particularly in the core and upper body which enhances posture, improves our active daily living, and helps us to build and maintain a strong metabolic rate.


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I hope this has convinced you to indulge in the benefits of yoga!

So, take out your yoga mat, focus on your breath, and let yoga empower your body, mind, and soul.

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